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“The women of the Jamal Jackson Dance Company can do anything…Jackson seamlessly integrates African and contemporary dance.” -Tresca Weinstein, The Times Union

“Burton faces us confidently at the end, she embodies strength. The ultimate goal of a dance work is to connect to its audience and it is refreshing to see an accumulation of work that has our interest in mind.” -Dance Enthusiast

“Soulful piano from Allen Branch seems to insist that everything is all right. While Elyssa Mactas barks with bitter eyes, the accompaniment buzzes with the optimism.” -Jonathan Matthews, Eye on Dance

"...sheer joy of movement from beginning to end...softness and swinging arms and a quality of being simultaneously floating and weighted, ending beautifully in silo, silence and perpetual motion." -Quinn Batson,

“Then in “Mile 21,” a more spatially complex work, Ms. Thomas hurtled on the scene, and the whole air onstage relaxed with her. The way she took command of the stage space and arrived with the beat was a great pleasure.” - Alastair Macaulay, New York Times

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