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Year of Production: 2021

846 reimagines The Rite of Spring in our current day USA. Stravinsky’s 1913 score depicts rituals celebrating the advent of spring, after which a young girl is chosen as a sacrificial victim and dances herself to death. 846 reflects upon our “everyday” filled with love, loss, appropriation, fear, and judgment, and interrogates our nation’s compulsion with sacrificing black bodies in order to thrive.


Year of Production: 2017
"I move and I move and I move," ROB DAY takes us on a journey that explores our many connections to firearms. The infatuation and need to be immersed within some form of gun culture, allows Rob to understand his purpose. The relationships formed on Rob's travels begin to reveal his undeniable charisma and influence. His reach finds no bounds.

Temple Burn It Down

Year of production: 2016

The Temple, Burn it Down plays with the subtle contradiction of the body as an honored temple of art while also serving as a debilitating instrument that a dancer assiduously manipulates during his or her career. In the dance field, the body is elevated as a valued vessel of expression and yet is destroyed during the creation of the art. In order to reach the higher stratosphere where diligence meets art, the body is consistently broken down through acts such as rigorous practices or a feverish lifestyle of instability. The work questions  what we are truly gaining from daily dogmatic training. 

Mile 21

Year of production: 2010

The choreography in Mile 21 simultaneously explores the emotions that occur when one has been forced out of their society and is desperately searching for a place to escape to. In this piece, the dancers experience a tug-of-war of emotions as they constantly move between feelings of despair and hope.


Year of production: 2008

Supplant takes the stance that there is freedom in not having an identity imposed on oneself. Through movement that keeps the dancers constantly disconnected from the ground and ever-changing groupings, Supplant speaks to the shunning of labels and stereotypes, as well as the joy in being able to move fluidly between different groups of people.

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